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Strauss Ecological Services Inc. is available to help with controlling noxious weed infestations,  or restoring habitat through the planting of native species. With many years of experience working in natural areas, SES Inc. will carefully control invasive weeds while preserving and promoting growth of native plants. 

Habitat Restoration Services

Noxious Weeds


photo by Carri Pirosko.​

Are noxious weeds causing problems? SES Inc. uses an integrated approach to find the best way to remove invasive species. 
Whether you prefer mechanical control, or your problem needs to consider careful herbicide application, SES Inc. will work with you to decide the best approach for your environment.
SES Inc. has experience working in riparian areas, wetland mitigation sites, vernal pools, pastures and meadows, forest sites and other habitats.

SES has experience controlling:

  • Himalayan blackberry

  • Scotch broom

  • Yellow starthistle

  • Canada thistle

  • Japanese knotweed

  • Garlic mustard

  • Poison hemlock

  • Reed canary grass

  • Puncturevine

  • English ivy

  • Yellowtuft alyssum

  • and many other problematic species

Native Plants

Landscapes covered in noxious weeds, or just lacking native species can benefit from planting native endemic plants. SES Inc. has the experience to help you decide what species to plant, where to find and purchase them, and where they will benefit your landscape the most. Be it trees, shrubs, grasses or wildflowers, SES Inc. can find the native plants for your property.

SES Inc. can help with:

  • Large-scale restoration projects

  • Wetland mitigation projects

  • Backyard projects

Finding species that :

  • prevent erosion

  • need less water

  • have attractive blooms that attract pollinators and wildlife

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